Having good organization, clear vision, and set goals, combined with constant investment in equipment and education, made Full Dent a company which increases standards in the dental industry. This kind of approach to work and company management helped us gain not only ISO certificate 9001:2015, but also ISO certificate 13485:2016 – and we are the only dental lab in the region awarded such.

These certificates place us high on the market and represent a recognition of our work, but more importantly, they guarantee our customers that we offer great-quality products and safety in usage.

Above mentioned ISO 13485:2016 represents an international standard which guarantees quality and safety of medical products, including all the planning, creation, and implementation processes for such, consequently complying with European standards. Having it means that Full Dent lab is a competitor not only in domestic market but also EU and international one.

Apart from being a guarantee for manufacture quality, these standards prove continuity in design, development, delivery, and safety in implementation, which is very important for each patient. As a result, we developed a better position in the market and trust amongst our associates and end-users.

That is how we fulfilled our primary goal, which is satisfying end-users who are getting "More than a smile".

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Full Dent d.o.o. is a dental laboratory providing modern reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry solutions. With years of experience, and by using certified dental materials and advanced technology, we are offering following services: fixed, removable and combined prosthetics, and FullAlign – invisible removable aligners.

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