This technology allows fabrication of complex-shaped objects from powder-based materials, according to a three-dimensional (3D) computer model.

Its final effect is exceptional precision, strength, biocompatibility, and durability, which leads to better quality of the products.

With entire process being controlled by software, the possibility of human factor errors is avoided, and production time reduced.

DMLS Technology Advantages

  • The object is built layer by layer using powder metals, radiant heaters, and a computer-controlled laser, which leads to high compactness,
  • Exceptional precision,
  • Exact same metal composition for each part of the crown/bridge,
  • Perfect adhesion,
  • Extraordinary results in aesthetics and durability.

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Full Dent d.o.o. is a dental laboratory providing modern reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry solutions. With years of experience, and by using certified dental materials and advanced technology, we are offering following services: fixed, removable and combined prosthetics, and FullAlign – invisible removable aligners.

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