A natural and beautiful smile is the first thing we usually notice in people. Consequently, smiling is what we base on our first impression in most cases. The sad thing is that our teeth begin to change after a certain age, showing less of their functionality and beauty. That can cause both wrong impressions of people in your surroundings and lower self-esteem.

Fortunately, dental prosthetics have majorly developed over time. Advanced technology and exceptional materials enable us to have a beautiful and confident smile no matter the age. This branch of dentistry allows us to reconstruct missing teeth or aesthetically/functionally correct existing teeth, depending on patient's needs.

Fixed prosthetics represents prosthetic dental work permanently placed in patient's mouth, with no possibility for temporary removal when needed. In most cases, we are talking crowns and bridges.

Ceramic Crowns

In our lab, we create ceramic crowns made of zirconium and lithium disilicate (LiSi Press).

Zirconium Crowns and Bridges

Zirconium was discovered in 1789 by German chemist Klaproth. It is a mineral, grey-white in color, bright and well-known for its strong resistance to corrosion. In the last few decades, it became a replacement for metal in various fields, mainly in dentistry and medicine as a zirconium-dioxide.

Aside from great strength, resistance to pressure and high flexibility, zirconium has the advantage of having natural teeth properties. Moreover, it is a biocompatible material causing no allergic reactions or sensitivities.

Aforementioned makes it highly valued in dentistry and prosthetics, which is why zirconium crowns and bridges are the best choices. In Full Dent, zirconium crowns and bridges are computer-made, with a possibility or error lowered at the minimum. We use approved and good-quality Dental Direct blocks: DD bio Z classic, DD bio ZX2 and DD cubeX2. Also, in Full Dent patient can choose the latest trend, which is transparent zirconium from which the crown is being phrased in anatomic shape.

ML (Multi Layer) crowns

These fixed prosthetics crowns are made by CAD/CAM systems. Our lab is completley digitalised and using these systems for entire last decade. Entire workflow is made by 3 main phases:

1.Scanning ( with scanners or cammersas)

2. Designing ( we are mainly using EXOCAD software)

3. Milling ( we are using EOS milling machines) from prepared multylayer zirconia puck

Multilayer zirconia use shade gradiation technology to blend 6 different shades into one puck according to natural teeth layering effect. After milling, the crowns are dark in the cervical part, like natural teeth shade gradiation, so it has to cover abutment tooth, and avoid shade transmittance beneath.


We are using the most esthetics and the medicaly safest multylayer zirconia pucks by Dental Direkt - DDcubeX2ML i DDcubeONEML.

GC Initial LiSi Press

GC Initial LiSi Press ceramic is the latest technique on the market. It represents a unique lithium-disilicate glass-ceramic made with HDM (High-Density Micronization) technology, which results in excellent physical properties and aesthetics. It is defined by even disperse of micro-crystals — rather than traditional larger-size crystals — to fill the entire glass matrix.

This material allows fuller, warmer and lighter shades with great fluorescence and high strength. Layers are easy for removal with glass bead blasting.

Metal-Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges are teeth restorations done when a significant destruction of natural teeth happens or for aesthetic reasons (color or shape), on patient's request. These are composed of metal with no nickel or beryllium and are very durable.

This type of crowns is being placed on previously prepared natural teeth. The result is a solid and durable aesthetically suitable solution.

Veneers or Facets

Veneers or facets represent the least invasive method for achieving the best teeth aesthetics. Veneers allow improvement of color, shape, and size of natural teeth, alongside covering flaws on and spaces between teeth.

Ceramic facets are made with CAD/CAM or press technology. Their main benefits are not changing color and appearance and having great optical characteristics.

Inlays / Onlays / Overlays

Becoming an adequate substitute for amalgam or composite, inlays / onlays / overlays, as crown variations, have become highly appreciated due to their longevity and aesthetical perfection.

Made of ceramic, they resolve major teeth defects where conservative methods are not applicable. This method is more expensive compared to usual teeth filling, but lasts longer and is easier for maintenance.

Temporary Crowns

Temporary crowns are made with highly aesthetical composite materials. They are used as a replacement for missing teeth in a transmission period, while fixed prosthetic is being made.

This kind of fixed prosthetics makes it possible for patients to get a proper bite and more stable occlusion. Additionally, they represent a type of protection for the teeth which, after the final compensation, has to be replaced.

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Full Dent d.o.o. is a dental laboratory providing modern reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry solutions. With years of experience, and by using certified dental materials and advanced technology, we are offering following services: fixed, removable and combined prosthetics, and FullAlign – invisible removable aligners.

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