Invisible Aligners for Visible Results!

Full Dent lab has provided Bosnia and Herzegovina with the newest, revolutionary orthodontic technology - aligners created by advanced 3D technology. Made from soft, thin, flexible plastic, FullAlign aligners are invisible, comfortable, painless and safe to use.

With FullAlign aligners, patients are finally able to use orthodontic solution which is discrete, comfortable and provides faster effects with teeth straightening.

The entire process is divided into phases. Each phase is followed by the appropriate aligner, which allows achieving biological balance in one's mouth. Consequently, depending on how much work is needed for accomplishing desired results, the number of aligners is determined.

Aligner should be switched every 12 to 14 days until teeth are back to their normal position. With their constant usage, which is 20 hours per day, adequate pressure is being made to teeth – and that is how we achieve results.

The Advantages of FullAlign:

  • Invisible and discrete to use,
  • Easy to maintain,
  • Practical and easy for removal,
  • Faster check-up,
  • Mucosa irritation-free,
  • Comfortable to wear.

Aligners making process is quick and efficient:

  1. After free consultations and check-up, our dentist takes teeth print.
  2. The print is being scanned and analyzed with 3D software in Full Dent lab.
  3. Therapy process is being created, which includes total duration and number of aligners.


Aligners are appropriate for treating most of the orthodontic issues, including crowding, overspacing, misalignment, tooth rotations, deep bite, open bite and cross bite. Their significance is enormous having in mind that they provide faster results and do not disturb user's everyday activities, primarily eating, drinking and speaking.

FullAlign aligner cannot be induced in following cases: when bridges are made, when there is a bite-related problem with side teeth, when there is a problem with rotated canines and premolars, and for vertical teeth-alignement.

Therapy duration depends on the self-discipline of the patient and teeth arrangement.

Looking for faster, less invasive and aesthetically appropriate orthodontic therapy? We have a solution!

FullAlign aligners are the perfect choice for teeth-straightening!

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Full Dent d.o.o. is a dental laboratory providing modern reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry solutions. With years of experience, and by using certified dental materials and advanced technology, we are offering following services: fixed, removable and combined prosthetics, and FullAlign – invisible removable aligners.

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