Why Should You Choose Full Dent?

From the very beginning of Full Dent, since 2009, significant effort, financial resources, and energy have been invested in the company. All with one aim: to have fully and modernly equipped lab with highly educated staff.

Having such attitude got us in a position of offering services and products that are equally good as those from well-known world labs. Aside from having years of experience in the field, our experts have gained many acknowledgments and certificates from different specializations around the world – and this is how we intend to work and improve in the future, too.

Clear vision and constant efforts made by his team, with complement financial investment, led to Full Dent being a modern lab in constant growth in every aspect of its work and existence. Take a look at our video presentation.

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Our Services

Fiksna protetika icon

Fixed Prosthetics

Fixed prosthetics are based on permanently attached dental prostheses, such as crowns and bridges.

Mobilna protetika icon

Removable Prosthetics

Removable prosthetics are the perfect substitute for patients who cannot have fixed prosthodontics.

Kombinovani radovi icon

Combined Prosthetics

This category represents a combination of above-mentioned fixed and removable prosthetics, connected by invisible links.

Radovi na implatatima icon


Combination of prosthetics and oral surgery focused on implementation of the artificial tooth root in the jawbone.

Udlage icon


Creating several types of splints, such as those against snoring, bruxism, for teeth whitening, and for athletes, with the Erkoform 3D device.

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This advanced technology enables the production of all fixed works with high precision, speed, and aesthetics.

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Laser metal sintering represents a new way of digital dental implant creation, where everything is controlled via computer.

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Following all the trends made us capable of offering the latest dental appliances systems that are comfortable, painless, and provide faster therapy.

Our Experts

Full Dent employees are educated, skilled and motivated young people, committed to their work and everyday improvement.

Sanja Đukanović

Deputy Director

Nenad Đukanović

Founder & CEO

Nada Prole Đukić

Executive Director


Clear Aligners

  • - Invisible
  • - Painless
  • - Efficient
  • - Provide faster results
  • - Free consultations included


Advanced Technology

  • - Very fast
  • - Extremely precise
  • - Highly aesthetical
  • - Good scanners
  • - Modern software


Prosthetics and Oral Surgery Fusion

  • - Biocompatible material
  • - Individual abutments
  • - Locator implant
  • - Substitute for a natural teeth roots
  • - High-end aesthetics


Direct Laser Metal Sintering

  • - High precision
  • - Good quality
  • - Digital production
  • - Compactness
  • - Perfect adhesion