Implantology is a branch of dentistry dedicated to dental implants, which represents a mixture of prosthetics and oral surgery. As such, it is considered an ideal solution and the most successful therapy for missing teeth.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root inserted into a jawbone (either the maxilla or the mandible). Aside from functionality and aesthetics resembling a natural tooth, implants prevent further bone retention and ensure the biological stability of bone structures.

The material used for implants is titanium, which is biocompatible, causing no allergic reactions to users.

After bone marrow, titanium implant takes over the function of a natural tooth root. In our laboratory, we have the possibility of making individual titanium abatements. Also, we make individual aesthetic abatements by treating zirconium abatement on a T-base.

Another implantology highlight in our work is a locator implant for a denture.